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Website Optimization: A good company website alone is not enough to generate a lot of traffic and acquire new customers. If the page is confusing, the content is insufficient, or the infrastructure is technically outdated, the website ends up at the bottom of the Google search and goes under. We’ll show you how to optimize your website, what is important when optimizing a website and what role search engine optimization plays in this – let’s go! Why Optimize Your Website? In 2020 alone, online sales in the United States rose by 14.6%. Taking advantage according to statistics, 51 percent of online shoppers for their research Google. Even when searching locally for a doctor or a restaurant, people often trust the search engine (for example, 7 out of 10 searches for a doctor start on Google). For general questions, be it recipes or instructions, Google has long since replaced human advice. Since 86 percent of users only look at the results on the first page, the Google ranking is of central importance. For this reason alone, it is worth optimizing your website for the search engine and generating more target group-relevant traffic.

Website Optimization: Optimize Your Website